What’s It Like?

By Code Name: Alan

What’s it like traveling the world? What’s it like being on tour with music stars? What’s it like being at wild carnivals and festivals across the country? What’s it like launching, growing, and living off of a YouTube channel? What’s it like living in an RV and exploring the land?

Those are some of the things we will be answering in this column, as myself, and sometimes others, will be taking on certain assignments for various periods of time at different locations. Ever wondered what it’s like being a wildlife photographer? Or if it’s possible to travel the US, state by state, using on UBER as income? Or maybe curious what the rush feels like being a Muay Thai fighter?

These are some of the things we will be tackling in this series.

Being based out of Las Vegas, we very much have an interesting starting point to work with. We’ll be able to give readers and viewers an inside look into what the famous Strip has to offer, as well as the surrounding areas.

What’s it like running being self-employed and running a business in Las Vegas? What’s it like making a living as a costume character on the Strip? What’s it like being a food reviewers (“foodie”) in this city?

The amount of things to do on this earth, whether for income or for pleasure, is seemingly endless, so this is a column that will be very broad and one that will be filled with content in the coming months.

What’s It Like?

Well, we are about to find out…