What is a project on WSU Media you may be asking? Simply put, a project, by our definition, is when two entities work together towards a common goal that is positive and beneficial for both parties. Two sides working together.

At WSU Media, we are looking to work with all kinds of brands who are interested in being featured on our social media platforms as we go about chronicling our endeavors. By joining us on this movement, we would be creating a project between our two brands and will figure out the best way to show your brand to the world.

For example, if you are a hotel chain, we could do reviews of your properties across the country, and give readers an inside look into your what your properties have to offer.

If you are an electronics brand, we could feature your products as we hit the roads. Being able to highlight and use new gadgets as we go about our voyages will truly be something special.

If you are a recently-opened restaurant looking for more exposure, we could gladly swing through and give a highlight of your operation and consider many return visits.

If you are a festival, theme park, or any other kind of attraction, it would be a natural fit to have us come through and give a detailed breakdown of what you have to offer.

Anyone who decides to take this ride with us will enjoy a wealth of online exposure in the form of articles, videos, YouTube/Instagram features, and more, for their brand.

Some people call it bartering. Other people can it sponsorship. We call them Projects.

It’s all about working together.