What’s Stopping You?

By C. Alan

“What’s Stopping You?”

That question, those three words, came to me earlier this year when brainstorming for an idea for a travel + lifestyle blog. The phrase itself is very simple, yet has several meanings to me.

For one, it’s a question we can ask ourselves every day. What’s stopping you from living your dream? What’s stopping you from creating something special? What’s stopping you from seeing the world and experiencing new cultures?

By creating this blog, I am answering all those questions and creating a new platform where we will be discovering many aspects of travel, culture, life, and everything in between.

And the “STOP” in What’s Stopping You is important because it signifies all the stops we will be taking along the way, as well as all the people and places that make us stop and pay special attentionto them.

And, while producing a blog with worldwide ambitions is quite ambitious, this is not my first time launching, running, and having success with a media platform.

A Wealth of Experience

In addition to creating this blog, I also run a popular YouTube Channel that has pulled in over 31 million views to date, as well as having created a website focused on sports and entertainment that I still run today.It’s definitely quite the task to have success with operating a social media platform that is engaging and informative, but in doing so you are able to learn so many valuable things, including what it’s like being your own boss while still chasing your dreams at the same time.

Through all my years studying and networking in the media field, I’ve become well-versed in many areas, from creating websites, producing animation clips, building a strong following on social media, designing digital magazines, and producing quality, in-depth articles with great visuals.

I have a lot of tools to work with when it comes to bringing this blog, WSU Media, to life, and I don’t plan on slowing down until something special has been created.

WSU Media = What’s Stopping You

#WSU is our abbreviation for What’s Stopping You and the Media symbolizes the media platforms we will be hosting our content on.

Our blog here will feature in-depth photo-journals about all our experiences, as well as highlights from our travels. Our YouTube will take viewers behind the scenes and highlight all of the great visuals and stories we come across. Our Instagram will be special as well, with highlighted video clips, moments, and photos of the places we will be discovering.

Also in the works will be an exclusive digital magazine that will have a unique way of telling our story.

Creating Content

With any blog, you are going to need quality content to keep your readers entertained. Every blog is different and it’s all about appealing to the right audience.

At WSU Media, we will be focusing on five specific categories to start things off…

Travel and Explore

The definition of travel is to “make a journey, typically of some length or abroad” and the best part is that you can start your journey from anywhere in the world. Since we are based out of Las Vegas, we have an ideal starting point to branch out from. Find out more

What It’s Like

Have you ever wondered what it’s like preparing for and being in a crazy marathon, what it’s like working on an organic farm, or what it’s like traveling state-to-state while working jobs and learning new trades along the way? Find out more


What is a project on WSU Media you may be asking? Simply put, a project, by our definition, is when two entities work together towards a common goal that is positive and beneficial for both parties. Two sides working together. Find out more

Food Pursuit

Some things will never go out of style. The consumption of and fascination with food is one of them. All over the social media landscape these days, you will notice just how active ‘foodies’ are in the real world today, and for good reason.  Find out more

Chasing the RV Lifestyle

One of the biggest crazes going on in America and the world today is the RV Lifestyle that has swept the land. People of all ages and backgrounds are enjoying the life that comes with being on the road in a motorhome. Find out more

When creating WSUMedia (What’s Stopping You) I knew it was a landing page for a special kind of blog.. Think of this as a mobile media source providing you lifestyle content in the form of videos/photos/articles on topics such as travel, culture, technology, culinary arts, real-life stories, and much more.

As I am writing this post, it marks the official launch of a traveling lifestyle blog with ambition to showcase the great places of the world and the stories woven within them. Being based out of Las Vegas, this is where the journey will begin, as we will show you many facets of the city before slowly branching out to other areas of the world.

By adopting the byline C. Alan, I’ve put less of a focus on the individual behind the blog, and more of a focus on the people, places, and events we will be experiencing and chronicling. We will be producing many forms of visual content and there is still much that will be explained over the next few articles, as we go about preparing for our missions and breaking down more aspects of what this blog will entail. 

It’s about to be a fun ride. What’s stopping you from coming with us?

Respectfully yours,